Thursday, 25 October 2012

baa x 2

Michele & Lorna and their Rams & Yowes blanket

Michele and Lorna brought along their recently completed Rams & Yowes blankets to last nights knitting group.

Rams & Yowes is a blanket pattern (which includes Sheep Heid too) by Kate Davies.  These blankets look amazing, the central panel apparently flew by, but the outer edges felt a bit of a slog.  But it was absolutely worth the effort.

Lorna is planning another one already!

We have patterns and Jamieson's of Shetland natural shades in the shop.

If you can't face a blanket how about a hat?

Sheep Heid by Kate Davies

Or a tea cosy... you can follow our shop Knit Along here...

Sheep Carousel by Kate Davies

Or maybe you'd like it a little brighter?

Fiona Morrison's Rams & Yowes

Fiona Morrision will be joining us at our evening shopping event on Wednesday 14th November.  She'll be bringing along her Nirvana Spa at Home products.

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