Sunday, 3 October 2010

Louisa Harding - Wrap

Thought I would share with you my newly finished wrap. I love it! I have knitted it in Shetland marl by Jamieson and Smith. This gorgeous raspberry colour is what attracted me to the yarn. The pattern is from Louisa Harding's 'Little Cake', you have 26 patterns to choose from and I want to knit them all. The patterns are all very wearable and the styling is so good. Oh and versatile, this wrap if knitted on smaller needles makes a lovely scarf.

All I need now is a shawl pin. Wore it to the St Monans Arts Festival Craft Fair. Where I got some lovely comments....they have very good taste in St Monans. Unfortunately my 'make do' shawl pin, which was in fact a flower hair slide. Was of no use and I spent quite a lot of time picking my wrap off the floor. A shawl pin is a must.

Need to get some more wool there is a Louisa Harding vest that I just need to knit.

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