Monday, 27 December 2010

felted shoulder bag - I need closure!

We've put together some tips and tricks for all our kits.  Check out the links on the right hand side for more ideas and information.

This tip will show you how you can fasten your Felted Shoulder Bag once it has been felted.

If your bag is completely felted (you can't see or feel any definition of the knitted stitch) cut a buttonhole on the front.  Use the wool leftover from knitting your bag to buttonhole/blanket stitch around the edges of the hole - to keep it neat and secure.  Remember and cut the hole slightly smaller than your button!

If you cut a hole where your bag isn't completely felted then the fabric will unravel!

click to make it BIGGER

Neatly sew your button to the inside of your bag, lining it up with the buttonhole.  Remember that your stitching will be visible on the back of the bag so keep it neat!  We used the wool, leftover from knitting the bag so it blended in.

felting makes this wool go POP!

This is just one way to fasten your bag... watch out for more ideas this week.

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