Tuesday, 21 December 2010

felted shoulder bag kit... to curl or not to curl

We've put together some tips and tricks for all our kits. Check out the links on the right hand side for more information.

This little tip will help you change the top edge of your felted bag.

Once you've knitted your shoulder bag, sewn it up and then felted it, you can change how the top edge looks while it dries. 

When you take it out the washing machine and pull it into shape, you'll see that the top edge has a curl in it. When left to dry this curled edge looks like this...

with a curl

If you want the top edge to be smooth then put a line of pegs along the top to straighten out the curl. The spring loaded pegs are best not the dolly ones.

Once the bag is completely dry remove the pegs to reveal a flat edge like this black bag...

(If you find that your pegs have left marks on your bag then gently press with a steam iron to erase them)

without a curl

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