Wednesday, 19 January 2011

felted shoulder bag - stage 4

looking like an instrument of torture...

Stage 4 should have included a photograph of the bag when it first came out of the washing machine but I panicked.

Even as a confident machine felter I was surprised at how small the bag looked after one hot wash. I needn't have panicked - a quick pull and stretch and the bag turned out fine!


The edges of the bag and handle will be curled when you take it out the washing machine.  We've shown how a row of pegs around the top can uncurl the edge (here), the same is true for the handle.  This bag is all pegged out!

It is hung up with a skirt hanger - this is not strictly needed but may help it dry quicker and give a slight A line shape to the bag.

And it's left overnight until the bag is completely dry.

Check back tomorrow...

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