Friday, 11 February 2011

spring (felt) flowers

you could make a flower like this!

To make this flower:-
  1. stack a circle on top of a small flower on top of a large flower
  2. use 2 strands of thread and make long straight stitches striking out from the circle.  
  3. top each straight stitch with a french knot.  
  4. using 1 strand of a contrasting thread use blanket stitch around the circle, directing the 'legs' of the stitch outwards.  
  5. place this flower on top of the 2nd large flower and stitch the shapes together using small straight stitches around the small flower shape.
Our new felt flower colours are now on sale at the Harbour House, Elie.

Each unique kit includes 2 large and 2 small flower shapes, 2 circle, 2 colours of stranded thread, a selection of buttons and a brooch bar, AND a stitch guide!  Check out some other designs here.

this pack is at Harbour House!

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