Thursday, 21 April 2011

start to crochet kit

My name is Fiona and I can't crochet.

There. I have said it.

I can sew, embroider and knit.  But a crochet hook feels awkward, unyielding and wrong....

At The Woolly Brew we've been asked many times if we crochet, if we have a crochet kit, do people crochet at our knitting group?

Karen can crochet.  She made lovely flower brooches for our charity stall at the St Monans Sea Queen day in 2009.  Knitted flowers often don't look as good as crochet flowers, which look good any size (but are especially lovely when small and cute!)

This spurred me on but I failed in my first attempts and quickly went back to two needles...  I tried to run before I could walk (or rather treble crochet before I could hold the yarn comfortably!) and didn't practice the basics or get comfortable with the hook and the yarn.

first attempt - not so good!

Realising there must be more would be crocheters like me, we designed The Woolly Brew Start to Crochet Kit

It gives you all you need to start you off in crochet - an illustrated guide, 100g of mercerised cotton and a 4mm crochet hook.  The guide includes the basics of holding your yarn and hook, how to do a slip knot, how to chain and how to do double crochet and includes a pattern for a cloth.

(100g of cotton is plenty for 2 cloths)

We've kept it simple and do-able.  The repetition of one stitch (double crochet) keeps you focused and  helps you understand how a basic stitch is made, how to count your stitches, keep your edges straight and FINISH a project quickly.

A cloth may not sound very sexy but its small enough to be completed easily (and well) by a beginner and its very portable! Its also very useful and with a choice of three bright cheery colours it will not only give you a sense of achievement but it will brighten up your bathroom!

To make the kit even more useful we've added a gorgeous handmade soap from The Ochil Soap Company.

Keep the cloths and the soap for yourself (the soap does smell really good!) or package it up for a lovely gift...

show off your crochet skills and gift it!

And the kit does work!  I did the blue cloth, feeling comfortable with the hook and yarn after 8 rows.  There are some uneven stitches (especially compared to Karen's cloths!) but overall I'm very happy.

And then, building on my new skills and following some basic crochet instructions found online, I made these flowers....

still not perfect but lovely and cute!

My name is Fiona and I can do crochet and I'm already planning my next project!

The Woolly Brew Start to Crochet kit is £9* and includes a start to crochet guide, 100g of mercerised cotton, 4mm hook and handmade soap.  Its available in pink, green and blue.

this little package can get you started in crochet!

These kits are available at Spring in The Loft @ Ardross Farm this Easter weekend and at Pigeon's Right Royal Pop-Up 28th April - 9th May in Murray Library, Anstruther.

*edited to reflect new price as at June 2013!

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  1. This is fabulous!
    Would you happen to ship to the US? My daughters and I would love to learn too and your blog seems so convincing!

    Thanks and congratulations on your new talent Fiona!

    ~DeAyn and daughters (Dagyn & Denym)