Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm still continuing with my Peggy Sue and Eternity Cowl.  Although Poppy hasn't been touched all week...

I think the cowl will be finished this week - only a few more rows to go (although I may do more than the pattern suggests, to make the cowl taller and use up all the Rowan Lima).

Eternity Cowl by Michele Wang

I'm still doing the raglan increases for Peggy Sue and I'm about to finish my 2nd ball.  I'm not happy with the knots in my Patons Linen Touch - 2 at the end of the first ball and 1 near the end of the 2nd ball, not to mention coming to a complete loose end in the middle of the 2nd ball!

Karen is charging ahead with her hat in Alafoss Lopi.  Its grown threefold in the week and should be finished soon - no sewing up!

There were a lot of hats at Stitches last night (our knitting group that meets every Tuesday from 7.30pm at Harbour Howff, St Monans).

Many of us are making hats for From Bonnets to Berets - a knitting project for the Pittenweem Arts Festival.

Anne is making a collection of newborn baby hats using her stash of baby yarns and patterns... we need a collection of babies to model them.

Win is making two 'ear' hats and spent the evening making tassels and cursing mattress stitch.

And Anne-Marijke is making (amongst many many others!) 2 gorgeous autumnal coloured hats.  These will get a flower embellishment too.

All these hats and many more will be for sale during the Pittenweem Arts Festival at Venue 76.

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