Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

feeling woolly but lonesome

We're going pom pom mad at The Woolly Brew this week... preparing for Wool Week next week.

We're supporting Eden Arts' FLOCK, a public art project, by making lots of pom poms with wool and turning them into sheep.

This little fella will soon be joined by many more.  We're pitching up at St Monans Primary School on Tuesday 6th with a bag of wool and lots of cardboard bits to make some with the Primary 6 and 7s.  And we'll be making more at Stitches at Harbour Howff that night too!

There are a few UFOs lying around too - a wee bit of sewing up* should see Michelle's girl's cardigan finished, Karen's Louisa Harding handwarmer finished and the DROPS toddler dress too.. but who can resist pom pom making?

*Fiona's cardigan needs another 5cm of twisted cable rib over nearly 200 stitches - so it will take a little bit more than sewing up to get it finished...

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