Friday, 23 September 2011

what would you knit?

my friends have recently had a baby boy, which got me thinking about knitting him something warm and squishy.  A quick search on Ravelry and I've whittled it down to these...

Debbie Bliss baby duffle from Essential Baby

and something similar but a very different construction...

Snug by Hinke

or I could practice some stranding... (this red version on Ravelry looks very festive!)

Drops raglan cardigan

but this one is my favorite.. Hotshot by Julia Stanfield.

Hotshot by Julia Stanfield (with matching teddy bear jumper!)

Hotshot is done in a double knitting... a washable merino would be squishy (and practical)...

Another WIP?

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  1. Oooh, love that my pattern is your favourite! Thanks so much for blogging about it! I've had a few more sales than normal and so did a quick google search to see if something had been mentioned somewhere. Voila! Here I am! Xxx Julia