Saturday, 31 December 2011

have you set yourself a knitting challenge in 2012?

Never mind New Year resolutions how about a knitting challenge (or a crochet one) for 2012?

If you have spent any time reading knitting blogs or in the many Ravelry groups you've probably seen lots of examples of these.

Some people post regular updates on Ravelry or their own blogs - sharing their successes and problems.  Many others do it quietly with no online fanfare.

Why set yourself a challenge?

  • If you need a bit of structure to your knitting projects and need a deadline and some peer pressure to get things finished.  
  • If you're feeling a bit bored using the same colours, patterns or techniques - a challenge could get your knitting mojo back, use up some yarn stash and help you make some new discoveries...
  • It's fun to share your knitting projects with likeminded people... either online or in real life (watch out for news of our new knitting group in Pittenweem!)
Here are some ideas... with links to Ravelry groups.

12 scarves or shawls
12 socks
12 charity knits
12 blanket blocks

Of course you don't need to do 12 items, or 1 a month.  You could easily do less or more.  Just set your challenge and go for it...

One of the best bits about knitting is planning your project.  Choosing the yarn, pattern and colours and perhaps the recipient.  A challenge is a great reason to daydream and plan.

For example if you're doing a new technique challenge, make a list of things you haven't tried and would like to learn. Maybe cabling, intarsia or  fair isle, using circular needles, different cast on methods or lace knitting.  

Then find out about each technique...

Order a book at the library, buy a book or search online (lots of great videos on You Tube) to find out how to do it.. Or visit us in the shop... We might be able to help!

Find your patterns and make a list... we have lots of patterns in the shop.  For example if you want to knit a pair of socks we have a basic sock pattern with great colour photos showing you how a sock is constructed as well as sock yarns... Come and check out our Zauberballs!

If you set yourself a knitting challenge in 2012, let us know.  Either here, on Facebook or in the shop!

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