Saturday, 14 January 2012

all shades of Rico Poems back in stock!

Rico Poems is a soft 100% wool yarn with long colour repeats.  


Rico don't have any dedicated patterns for it but it doesn't matter!  It knits to a standard Aran weight tension so you can pick and mix with other patterns.*


Here are a few ideas to get you started...


A pattern for an open cardigan... This one is from Rico and is available on their website for free and at The Woolly Brew shop!


Some scarves... A Baktus scarf, the Jared Flood Noro scarf and a multi directional scarf from Lion Brand.


A Calorimetry headband to keep your hair tidy and your ears warm.


Some lovely mitts.


How about a skirt?


Or a scoop neck cardigan, free from here at Knitting Fever.


Or a Cuff to Cuff cardigan, free from here.


* remember to check your tension before starting your project! 

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