Monday, 16 January 2012

Events at The Woolly Brew shop!

The Pittenweem Knitting group starts this Wednesday 18th January and we will be meeting every two weeks. 

It starts at 7.30pm until 9.30pm at The Woolly Brew shop.  All abilities are welcome, come and join us for some knitting, tea & cake and lively chat!  You don't have to come for the full 2 hours, please feel free to drop in.  You can also by some stash whilst you're there!

We're also very proud to again support the Arts Festival knitting project!  The first meeting for the Pittenweem Arts Festival knitting project 2012 is on Wednesday 25th January at The Woolly Brew shop.  10am to noon.  This year its flowers!
Flowers by Anne-Marijke 

In previous years knitters from Pittenweem and wider a field have contributed knitted items to a exhibition displayed in Pittenweem Church Hall.  The items are sold in aid of charities.  Previous themes have been fish, tea cosies and hats.   This is a hugely successful and growing 'event'.  Why not be part of it!

This drop in will be the first of a few and it is a great way to share ideas.  Bring some stash and needles and chat with project guru and co-ordinator Anne-Marijke Querido.  

Anne-Marijke says,
"I promised to get in touch in January to let you know what the project for Pittenweem Arts Festival 2012 is going to be. This year PAF celebrates its 30th anniversary. This requires something festive. If there is something to celebrate the Dutch use the expression: ‘Say it with flowers’.

This gave me the idea of knitted flowers, made into corsages or buttonholes. People who buy these and wear them straight away look very festive! This celebratory look hopefully encourages other people to buy and wear flowers too. The advantage is that the objects are small, so don’t take long to knit and odds and ends (stash) can be used, so no costly outlay. We could sell them for a few pounds depending on how elaborate they are. We would however need lots of them to have the desired effect. 

As finances are generally depressed, people may not feel like spending a big sum of money in one go, but a few pounds for a festive corsage may be just the amount they are prepared to spend on a souvenir from the festival.  

I hope the idea will appeal to you."


  1. I will make some if I am allowed to crochet them!!!!! - hope you are going to teach me how to knit socks at the feastival like I asked!!!!!

    1. absolutely!! crochet flowers are very welcome too!

  2. do you know of any local schools who would lend my husband some screens to go in the marquee at the festival to save us bringing them with us - would be grateful for any contact names you could let us have
    Janice Perkin

    1. I'll speak to Karen and we'll get back to you!

    2. thanks so much
      will start crocheting flowers now when I am on crutches for my replacement hip at the end of the month!!!!!!!

  3. I knitted my wedding bouquet! It took a bit of time but it was nice to have something original