Thursday, 5 January 2012


Lang Jawoll Color

Some sock knitting help for all those about to try something new... Or those that want to brush up on their heels and gussets!

I used Silver's Sock class to help me knit my first pair of socks.  It has great step by step instructions and photographs, very helpful when organising double pointed needles for the first time!  I would highly recommend it.

There is also a series of videos at Knit Picks (a US retailer) which uses circular needles and magic loop.

And finally a PDF that you can download and print off available at Coats.

Don't be put off by the different patterns and techniques these 'tutorials' use.  Many can be switched around... For example a plain stocking stitch leg v's ribbed leg.  A stocking stitch heel v's a slipped stitch heel.  And different toes too!  Not to mention cuff down or toe up!

It can seem confusing at first.  Just pick a tutorial and go for it, you'll learn so much from just doing it.

You don't need to use a special yarn but it's good to use one that will wear well if you're wearing your socks out and about.  Some nylon is good for strength.  And 4ply is a good weight as it creates a fine fabric to fit your feet and your shoes!  Although some Aran weight boot socks would be lovely!

In the shop we have Zauberballs in lots of different colours that will stripe as you knit.  We also have Lang Jawoll in solid colours and a jacquard stripe effect.  All are 4ply thickness.

The Lang yarn comes with a spool of reinforcement yarn hidden in the middle.  If you start knitting the cuff of your sock from the centre of the 'ball' by the time you've knitted your leg down the spool will easily pop out of the 'ball'.

When knitting your heel and toes hold a strand of this reinforcement yarn together with your main yarn and knit your heel and toes to give extra strength.

With the self striping wool you get an amazing effect with very little work!  It's best to stick to plainer patterns with this striping yarn to show off the colours and also, any lace or cabling could be obscured with the bold stripes

And best of all you get lovely (unique) wool socks to keep your feet toasty.  And there is something really cheery about patterned socks!

And don't forget Ravelry for lots of sock knitting patterns!


  1. I love knitting socks. Here's a link to my Ravelry project page with pics of the socks I have been kniting with the Crazy Zauberball yarn I bought from you one horrible, wet, windy day last week.


  2. They look great! Would you mind if I share it on Facebook... Or even you could upload a photo there. Love the stitch pattern.

  3. Don't mind if you share at all :-D