Tuesday, 19 June 2012

hot shawl

Ravelry have an excellent pattern page which allows you to search for whats hot right now... patterns that other Ravellers are looking at that day.  You can also show which patterns have the most projects or are the most favourited by other Ravellers...

Its a great way to waste some time get some inspiration for your own next project, especially if your knitting mojo has deserted you or you're in between projects.

One pattern that keeps on coming up again and again in recent months is Color Affection by Veera Valamaki.

Color Affection (photo copyright Veera Valamaki)
The pattern is available in 4ply and laceweight versions and is all garter stitch.  Its uses short rows to shape the shawl.

The pattern is available to buy online through Ravelry for 3.90 Euros.

Our Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace or Debbie Bliss Angel would be great in a laceweight version.  Or how about one in our Rowan 4ply Wool or Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift?


  1. Spooky, was looking back through old posts on here to find the post you did with all the Jamieson Heather colours (might need to pick another colour for a project I am away to start...) and saw this one about the Colour Affection....was just reading a blog about this earlier this evening by pure chance (whilst reading another blog) and was thinking what a lovely shawl it is. The blog I read is here http://sandra-cherryheart.blogspot.de/2012/08/vanilla-knitting.html and interestingly enough she has titled it "Vanilla Knitting" (has everyone read THOSE books lol?) anyway I really like the colours she used :o)

  2. What book do you mean? The Great British Bake Off? :-)

    We now have shade cards for Jamieson Heather! £5 with real yarn 'tassels'. And yes it is a lovely shawl...! Highly recommend.