Monday, 25 June 2012

Yesterday we learned to Crochet

Armed with our crochet hooks and copious amounts of tea and coffee, Janice (our lovely and very patient tutor) set us the task of making a foundation chain. Tricky though it was our determined ladies went at it and can now chain for miles.

DC (Double crochet) was our next challenge, a basic stitch that forms the basis of all crochet stitches.  This under our belts, it was all agreed that this would be a good point to reward ourselves with some well deserved shortbread...if your wondering how Janice made sure we all knew what we were doing...well it all had to do with the size of her hook!  a massive 15mm with super chunky yarn.  And before we knew it was after 1pm and time for lunch.

Back at it...we were very keen students.. and after much disscussion of all the crochet projects that we would now be able to master.  We were ready to raid the shelves, as included in the price of the workshop was a crochet hook and 3 balls of Freedom Sincere Cotton, with which to start our Granny Square.  It was clear that some of the ladies had been given this much thought and were very quick to select their colours!

With our new lovely cotton we realised how easy it is to forget...slip knot anyone!  This rectified, we started with our chain, only this time we had to join it into a circle.  Once done, we had to learn a new stitch, the treble.  Having mastered the DC (Double crochet), this new stitch involved wrapping the yarn a couple more times, and then we were away.  It really does show that learning the basics saves you a whole lot of trouble later on.

Much to our amazement we all started to create the most lovely Granny Squares.

Im sure you must have spotted that Victoria Sponge, baked by our own Fiona.  Naturally after all that we had achieved, we got the kettle on and rewarded ourselves once again.  A huge thank you to Janice, who made the whole business of learning a new craft, very enjoyable and I think its safe to say that we all left the shop knowing a whole lot more about crochet than when we started.

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