Thursday, 12 July 2012

Festive Flower update

It was the last get together for Festive Flowers today.  Next up its pricing, setting up and then selling!

The exhibition and sale is in the kitchen of the Church Hall (Venue 72), during the Pittenweem Arts Festival.  You can read all about it on page 41 of the Arts Festival brochure (available in the shop for £3.50)

Opening night is Friday 27th July and lasts until Sunday 5th August.

If you'd like to help out - pricing, setting up or doing a sales stint then please contact Anne- Marijke 01333 311 988.

oh... and there are nearly 600 flowers so there is plenty to buy! There is still lots of time to make some too, you're very welcome to hand them into the shop and we can pass them on to Anne-Marijke.

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