Wednesday, 19 September 2012

sensationally sparkly stitch markers

We had to get a bigger display!
big delivery from Sarah at Fripperies & Biblelots

We've got lots of Simple Solid Rings (ovals, circles, hearts, tiny stars, flowers) and now you can get them in a tin too!

handy storage tin, £3 including Simple Solid Rings (Photo: Sarah Simonds)
super cute tiny stars, £2 for 15 stars (Photo: Sarah Simonds)

Lots of new colours in RingOs and RingOs XL and Stitch Safes!

peacock RingOs (Photo: Sarah Simonds)

and Traffic Light Lace RingOs in Gold and Silver

lets get organised! (Photo: Sarah Simonds)

Traffic Light Lace RingOs (£10) is a special set of 20 RingOs which can be used for marking pattern repeats, for example on a lace shawl.

The red and green rings help to mark the beginning and end of shawl or special edging sections and also the wrong and right sides. The orange rings can help identify central spines or sections of the pattern that need to stand out if you need to change to a different chart. The gold or silver rings mark your pattern repeats between the red, orange and green rings. The rings will comfortably fit needles up to 4mm.

Come and see them soon!

a simple solid ring in action

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  1. Damn I wish I lived closer!! You guys have soo many pretty things there already and I just have to add the wee stars to my list! That settles it, we'll have to come for another visit!! Either that or mail order to Aberdeen lol ;)