Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sheep Carousel - corrugated ribbing

This is the second post in our Knit A Long of Kate Davies' Sheep Carousel.

You can see the cast on here.

Next up ... we're straight into using two colours for the corrugated ribbing section.

This is actually quite straightforward, you're going to knit some stitches with one colour and purl some stitches with the other colour. This creates a vertical stripe.

starting corrugated rib

By carrying the yarn along the back, simply 'picking up' the colour of yarn you need, using it and then 'dropping' it for the next colour, you create floats along the back of your work.

One thing to remember! After you have purled your stitches, take your yarn to the back of the work before picking up the other yarn to kit your stitches.

You need to be careful here if you are a tight knitter. If you pull the yarns too tight the floats will be too tight and the knitted fabric you make may look puckered.

As an aside... because of the floats at the back of your knitting, corrugated ribbing does not have the same elasticity as normal ribbing.

vertical stripes forming at the front
floats at the back
completed corruagted rib section
the floats at the back!
Next up... a vikkel braid...


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