Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sheep Carousel - the steek... eek!

We're having a Knit A Long for Kate Davies Sheep Carousel, you can follow along here.

ready for cutting

After the knitting comes the cutting...

You can see more about cutting steeks at Knitting Daily and on Kate's website.

(Fiona)  I worked double crochet reinforcements as instructed by the pattern.  The photo tutorial on Kate's website is good.  You can also see more about double crochet here.

Remember double crochet is the British term, in US terms its called single crochet.

double crochet reinforcements

cut the strands between the crochet reinforcements
its cut!

looking secure...
Mmmmm maybe not so secure...

This problem is really to do with how I secured my crochet reinforcement to the cast off edge of my steek stitches.  I perhaps didn't get under all the stitch or maybe I should have chained a few stitches before doing the double crochet?

Anyway!  It didn't unravel and it held well, even when I did this...

nearly done!

Now onto securing the 'flaps' and the icord bind off...

Yesterday we had a knit in at the shop for fellow Carouselers...





How are you getting on?  There is also lots of chat over on our Ravelry group...

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