Friday, 14 September 2012

Sheep Carousel - vikkel braids...

This is the third post in our Knit A Long... You can check out others here.

Next up is a vikkel braid using both colours over a 4 row pattern.

photo credit Kate Davies
Here are a few other vikkel braids in Kate Davies' designs...

photo credit Kate Davies - Tortoise and Hare gauntlets

photo credit Kate Davies - Tortoise and Hare sweater

(Fiona) I followed Kate's written instructions and took note of her instruction to place the balls of wool on the floor to combat tangling...

this is how the yarns tangle together

I didn't look up any other tutorials before I did my vikkel...  probably just as well as there are other methods out there and it may have confused me!  I think Kate's works well as a written instruction.

vikkel braid after row 2

finished braid

I wouldn't recommend stopping and starting it!  Try and do all 4 rows in one sitting.  And my yarn did not magically untangle on row 3 but it didn't get knotted and was easily untangled.

So far I feel ridiculously proud of the tea cosy! The corrugated ribbing and the vikkel braid look so impressive but are quite straightforward!

How are you doing?

Next up... the sheep! (And if you saw my recent post on Facebook, you will see that I've had a slight mishap!)


  1. I just started mine and I've already had to unravel the vikkel braid once as I seemed to manage to get all my stitches in both rows slanting the same way so that I didn't have points....will try once more......

    1. Hopefully go better 2nd time! . I remembered it as holding the old yarn down to the left and bring the new yarn over it (row 2). And hold the old yarn up to the right to bring the new yarn under it (row 3).