Friday, 7 December 2012

Evening Twilight

Ever since we got copies of Gudrun Johnston 's patterns I've had my eye on Homin...

The shawl is constructed by first making a long vertical strip of triangles, making yarn overs along the long straight edge. You then pick up he yarn overs and use short rows to form the body of the shawl - a crescent shape.

I have never knitted a shawl like this and I was intrigued ... After knitting Colour Affection I knew I liked crescent shape shawls and found it a more versatile shape to wear.

When we took delivery of Regia Angora Merino I knew I found the right 4ply for this project...

I knitted this at a slightly looser tension as I wanted it extra long.  The yarn is super soft and colour really pops!  I would say that the triangles were trickier than I expected, but after about 4 I felt I 'got' the pattern and it rattled along quite quickly.  

Its a great pattern to master your K2tog and ssk!  The pattern has both written and charted instructions.

The short rows were great, such a clever way to shape an item.

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