Monday, 21 January 2013

Couthie Cushions*

This year's project is not 'just' knitting or crochet but open to sewers, quilters and patchworks too!  So you can indulge your fabric habit!

Come along to the shop to meet Anne-Marijke who will be armed with patterns and some yarn stash and cushions!

We'll provide tea and cake and over the next few months we'll give you updates, more pattern ideas and lots of support (mostly of the yarn kind... although we have been known to sew too...)

Cushions are a perfect opportunity to get creative!  They can be a simple rectangle - knit every row!  Or you can expand your skills and try out cables, intarsia or stranded colour work.

They can be small like a pin cushion or larger for sofas and beds.  Or you could get even bigger and do a floor cushion!

They can be fastened with buttons, zips or ribbons!

This Community Project is now in its 5th year.  In previous years there have been fish, tea cozies, hats and flowers.  The items are sold in aid of local and national charities.  Last year's project - Festive Flowers - raised £2450 for CHAS and Cancer Research.

The exhibition and sale takes place during the Pittenweem Arts Festival 2013.  This year the festival is from 3rd August to 11th August.

Anne-Marijke has provided a helpful guide of standard cushion inserts.  So you just make the cover and the person who buys it can easily get a cushion for the inside! You can see it here.

If you're being a bit more creative and making an odd size then you should provide the insert/stuffing for ease.

Come along on the 30th for more info and get inspired!

But don't worry if you can't get along then  You don't need to come to join in - just get making and if you have any questions call Anne-Marijke!

*Couthie is a Scots word for comfortable, snug and pleasant!

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