Thursday, 17 January 2013

Heads up!

We have news of discontinued yarns and price increases.

We wanted to give you a heads up in case you had plans for these yarns.

Now is a great time to buy!

We found out recently that Twilleys have discontinued Freedom Purity. This is a fantastic wool/alpaca blend in a chunky weight. You will have seen it pop up on our website a few times!

From Tracy and Penny's first garment, to Karen's coat and the now famous cabled waistcoat!

Priced at £3.75 it's a great buy and knits to a general chunky tension. We have lots of chunky patterns in the shop too.

We cannot buy anymore. What's in the shop is all we have. So if you have planned a project, now is the time to buy.

We've also been informed of price increases by Rowan and Patons yarns. These come into effect on 1st February... so if you're planning a project... say in the lovely Rowan Felted Tweed or Patons Colourworks Aran buy now at the lower price.

There are also price increases for our SMC yarns - Merino Color and Aventica Supreme. However we are holding their prices at current levels as we do not intend to continue stocking these yarns.

So again, if you have a project in the pipeline this is the time to buy!

And just to remind you Louisa Harding Ondine and Ianthe have both been discontinued too.  We are unable to buy more of these lovely yarns...  we still have a few colours available in garment quantities, especially in Ianthe.  But you'll need to be quick!

Looking forward, we do have some lovely new yarns coming in Spring.  Including a new chunky, a new striping merino and a gorgeous silk!

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