Monday, 28 January 2013

our virtual notice boards

You may have noticed Pinterest popping up on our recent newsletter or noticed our snazzy buttons over on the top right!  You may even have registered for your own Pinterest account.

Pinterest allows you to 'pin' photos and videos to a virtual notice board.

It can allow you to collect and curate ideas - birthday party themes, recipes to try, inspiring images, fashion and beauty tips, a holiday wish list etc

And obviously knitting and crochet patterns, tutorials and wish list!

You can find out more here and get some Pin etiquette here.

You add a 'pin it' button to your internet browser tool bar, full instructions here, and whilst browsing website sites you can click the 'pin it' button to save an image on the website to one of your Pinterest boards.

You can have lots of 'boards', to keep all your pins organised by theme.

These boards can be seen everyone who browses Pinterest and you can look at, follow, search and repin images from other users.

Pinterest have also introduced secret boards so you can keep some of your collections private... Perhaps ideas for secret birthday gifts.

We've been building our own Pinterest boards... To give you a visual reference to helpful tutorials, pattern ideas, seasonal knitting and general eye candy!

Some images have been pinned from our website... Like the Gallery. Some have been pinned from someone else's website like Attic 24.

If you register with Pinterest, you'll be able to follow our boards each time you login in.  You can do this by clicking the follow button and whilst you're there check out these other 'local' boards you may find interesting...

Crail Food Festival - for all things East Neuk, Fife, food and seasidey!
Funky Scottish - our neighbour!

p.s A little warning!  Like Ravelry you can 'waste' a lot of knitting time on Pinterest... an inspiration overload!

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