Tuesday, 26 March 2013

first steps in Fair Isle...

On Sunday we had our First Steps in Fair Isle workshop.  Participants learned to knit continental style - using their left hand to hold the yarn.  We began by knitting the inside 'page' of a needle book.  Janice consoled us that our baggy, loose stitches and oddly shaped knitting would be transformed by felting!

We then went on to working on the 'cover' of the book using a chart and working one colour with the left hand and the other in the right hand. Thus knitting the Continental way and the English way - picking and throwing.

Janice brought along a big pile of lovely Rowan Felted Tweed and a stack of beads and we picked our colours - breaking off strands - as we went.  We used the crochet hook method to attach the beads.  The same method used in Dorothy's Angel Shawl.

The day ended with a demonstration of hand felting.

It was an intensive day - with many new skills learned (and a lot of tea and cake consumed!)  We left with handfuls of Felted Tweed and beads to finish our book at home.  Hopefully we'll see some needle books in action soon!

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  1. Aloha,

    Any chance one could obtain the pattern for your Fair Isle needle book as your store is many miles away from Port Townsend, WA?

    A kit would be wonderful!