Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I went to the inaugural Edinburgh Yarn Festival...

... and survived!

It all started so calmly...

Me, Mr Woolly Brew and a car load of boxes set off from the East Neuk at 6:30am.  We arrived at The Drill Hall at 7:45am and were quickly met by a man with a clipboard, several volunteers and a large trolley.

I was directed to our table in the rehearsal room - a room off the main hall - and a heavily loaded trolley swiftly followed.  I carried the giant tea cup and saucer.

It took nearly two hours to set up.  Without Karen to 'edit' the table, it was rather full...both on top, underneath and behind it!

I did toy with the idea of setting up a box at the front of the table with a better display of the Jamieson's of Shetland Heather.  I am so glad I did NOT do that!

After a strong coffee and a very very quick look around (hello to Gilleon and Sue) the doors opened at 10am.

I was phaffing about with some price tags whilst people wandered into the room and it was maybe about 10:10am when the first Zauberball was picked up... and then it was after 2pm.

I'm not quite sure what happened in between times... I saw lots of familiar faces and said hello to many of them. Apologies if I missed you!  I met lots of people who had heard of The Woolly Brew and planned to visit very soon.  And I met lots of people who were so pleased to here about us and that we were, in fact, an ACTUAL shop.

Mr Woolly Brew handed in a bag of food about 11am but I didn't open it until much later when I quickly scoffed a flapjack in between serving people.  I didn't get any 'lunch' until 5pm and laughably I took some crochet to do... during any quiet time!

It was busy, much busier than anyone expected.  About 1,450 adults and 220 children busy. Our room was so busy and I'm glad I kept everything on the table!  In fact several times during the day I turned from helping someone pick out Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift shades to find people behind the stall.

I didn't really see many other stalls.  In our room we had Ysolda, Susan Crawford Vintage, Alpaca Loft, Once a Sheep and her spinning wheels, Skein Queen, Seamens Church and Textile Garden.

I did take a photo of the wonderful Textile Garden table - which was soooo tempting.  I half expected to be handed a sweetie bag to fill up.

BUT apart from a Ysolda pattern (Blank Canvas) and grabbing a hank of Yarn Pony at the end of the day I made no other purchases.  And unfortunately I didn't get to see Old Maiden Aunt or Emily from Tin Can Knits either!

The day was so well organised.  All three of the organisers (Linda, Jo and Mica) appeared so calm. The volunteers so helpful - the girl who got me a bottle of water in the afternoon rush is an angel!  And a big thank you to Jo who watched the stall for 5 minutes whilst I escaped to the loo (and saw the crowds!)

cow dressed as a sheep!

Other tales from stallholders, visitors and volunteers can be found listed on the Edinburgh Yarn Festival Facebook page.  And check out the Ravelry group for photos too!

Well done to everyone involved!

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