Thursday, 4 April 2013

knitting projects... Greenfields Africa

Over the next few posts we'll be letting you know of knitting projects that you may like to get involved in.

The annual craft project for the Pittenweem Arts Festival, organised by Anne Marijke Querido, is very popular.  And after our own appeals for premature baby hats and hats for Ginny's friend in Uganda, we know that many of you are keen to get involved in knitting projects.

hats knitted by Cupar Knitting Group and others!

Recently we have been approached by several individuals and organisations asking if we can spread the word of their project.

Please remember that apart from Couthie Cushions (this years Pittenweem Arts Festival project) we are NOT directly involved in any of these projects and we are NOT collecting items. And in most cases we are NOT distributing patterns.

Please read the details on how to get involved and contact the organisers direct.

First up - Greenfields Africa KNIT FOR AFRICA campaign.

Greenfields Africa send knitted baby clothes direct to the poorest families in the poorest, remote areas of Uganda and Kenya.  They have knitting patterns for items that provide comfort and dignity for babies who would otherwise be dressed in rags.

They also help fight against infant mortality in that they are used as an incentive for Mothers-to-be to attend antenatal services.

From the Knit Africa website, these items "feed into the Mama bag project -a mama bag contains a cotton vest, a knitted cardigan, a beanie and bootees, a babygrow, and a blanket, plus locally bought soap, vaseline etc. To qualify for a mama bag, the mum is required to attend 3 ante-natal clinics during the pregnancy This project not only gives the babies dignity and comfort, it also ensures that pregnant women are tested for AIDS and diabetes and have access to childcare information"

You can download patterns at the KNIT AFRICA site and we have a few pattern sheets in the shop, they include a hat, cardigan, teddy and cot blanket.  They all use DK yarn.

Please send finished items with a donation for postage costs to Barbara Hatton, all her details are shown on the pattern sheet which you can download here.

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