Thursday, 4 April 2013

knitting projects - The Perovskite Project

Following in our short series of craft projects you can get involved, we present the Perovskite Project!

The University of Surrey's chemistry department is making a giant model of the mineral Perovskite.

Perovskite is one of the most extensively studied substances in solid state chemistry (the study of the chemistry of solids) and is present in large amounts in the Earth’s mantle.

And yes that was just cut and paste from the Perovskite Project website...

This project is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the University of Surrey.  It aims tol bring craft and chemistry together - anyone can take part, regardless of craft skills - learn some knitting, crochet or some chemistry or both and be part of the project!

Here is what you are making...

don't you feel brainier already!

There is a Facebook page and a website with further info and patterns!

Please remember that apart from Couthie Cushions (this years Pittenweem Arts Festival project) we are NOT directly involved in any of these projects and we are NOT collecting items. And in most cases we are NOT distributing patterns.  Please read the details on how to get involved and contact the organisers direct.

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