Thursday, 2 May 2013

a Blaithin...

oh pockets!

Penny (aka The Little Herb Farm) has featured many times on our website.  She's completed several lovely (and challenging) projects, despite only knitting for a year and a bit!

Penny's 3rd garment is Blaithin, designed by Kate Davies.  You can see Penny's other sweaters here and here!

After a few hats, including a Kate Davies Peerie Flooers and Scatness Tam she jumped right into her first steeking project... in fact there were several firsts in this project (for many of us!)


She used Jamieson's of Shetland Heather (and some stashed Scrumptious Silk to sew on her buttons...) and it looks AMAZING - a lovely woolly yarn and a great finish and fit.

Penny has now cast on another of Kate's patterns... a Mini Manu in Rowan Felted Tweed.  Kate Davies fan much?

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