Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ishbel and Poppy

Ishbel by Ysolda in Scrumptious Lace

Ishbel is a shawl pattern that can be worked in 2 sizes and 2 different yarn weights. In fact you can try other yarn weights and mix up the sizes!

Ours is the large size knitted in Scrumptious Lace (cherry!)

The solid stocking stitch section gets you used to the laceweight yarn and then you launch into the vine pattern.  Instructions are both written and charted and the main part of the vine stitch is only an 8 stitch repeat.

So not too difficult to keep track off!

Poppy by Ysolda Teague in her Debbie Bliss Rialto Prints dress!

Poppy is a cute doll with a removable dress.  She is knit seamlessly in the round from the top down.  No sewing up!

Ours has curly hair and a nose.

To get curly hair hold 2 strands of 4ply wool together and knit a square (maybe 20cm x 20cm) and cast off.  Wash it and let it dry, then unravel it to make lovely curls.  The nose is simply a few straight stitches.  You can use the same idea to make a belly button... which can cause much hilarity...

Instructions on attaching the hair and knitting the dress (and shoes!) are all included in the pattern.  Its very easy to personalise your own Poppy doll.

Ysolda's version looks like this...

{photo credit Ysolda Teague}

Check out the Poppy gallery on Ravelry...  and Fiona's other versions here and here and this one is in her pants!

Ishbel and Poppy are part of Ysolda's Whimsical Little Knits Book 1.  You can buy the book in the shop (it features 10 patterns in total).

You can also buy the individual pattern pdfs in the shop via Ravelry (you don't need to have a Ravelry account, the patterns will be emailed to you).

Remember we have Whimsical Little Knits Book 2 and 3 too.

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