Friday, 9 August 2013

Campanello - a new scarf yarn in the shop

super soft black, grey and white

When we first opened we had a popular soft mesh scarf yarn called Castagnette.  This was a limited edition yarn and once it was gone it was gone - we couldn't buy more.

We were keen to get something like it in again and finally we've found something just like it!


It works like other mesh yarns - you knit into the top edge of the mesh to create a frilly ruffle scarf.  But this mesh yarn has three layers of colour.  Depending on which colour you choose to knit into you can change the look of the scarf...

Campanello - 6 shades in stock

As always - 1 ball makes 1 scarf and we're happy to give you a demo!

{you can read more about the bright pink bobble edge shrug here!}

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