Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Follow Your Arrow... finally finished!

(Fiona) Like thousands of others I took part in Ysolda Teague's first mystery knit along - Follow Your Arrow.  A shawl pattern.  If you want to maintain the mystery please stop reading now.  This article has photos of the finished shawl!

The knit along started in January and a new clue was released every week for 5 weeks.

Within each clue you had a choice of 2 options (A or B).

There is a group on Ravelry with lots of in progress and finished photos of all the different combinations of clues.

I choose to do the following combination - ABBBB.  I also used two colours.

Whilst following the mystery knit along you have no idea what is coming next (unless of course you wait a few days and see the spoiler photos on Ravelry!).  So you've little idea how your shawl will turn out...  I based my decisions on how I was feeling at the time... So I did the simpler option for some clues and the more complicated option for others. I choose the 'kite' shaped clue to start with as I've never tried that before.

Ysolda offers lots of advice in the pattern and in the Ravelry group - with video tutorials for the more uncommon techniques).  There is also advice for yardage requirements (which I appeared to have ignored as I ran out of yarn!).  The stitch patterns are both written and charted.

You can still buy the pattern on Ravelry in its knit along format - so you can download each clue as you need to.

My finished shawl looks like this...

I LOVED the knit along format -  waiting for the new clue each Monday was exciting as well as watching for the 'spoiler' photos to appear on the Ravelry group.  I managed to complete each clue within the week, except for the last one which took me 4 weeks!*

This is the first large 4ply shawl I have made - and it is a size that I like alot.  I will definitely be making more shawls this size.

It is also the first 2 coloured shawl I have made, and I will try that again too.

I also liked the knitted on edging - my first time doing one, although it took me ages, and it felt never ending...

However, I'm less happy with my choice of yarn - the dark charcoal alpaca I choose from my stash is too hairy and I feel some of the stitch definition of that knitted on edge is lost.  It would have been better using black  Artesano Definition (like I used for the grey).

I'm also not sure of my combinations...  I wouldn't have chosen to knit this shawl if presented in its final form - I would have been more likely to knit the semi-circle shaped combinations.  It's abit too eclectic for my personal taste.

BUT having said that - I am so pleased I knitted it!  And with its large size you can easily tie it around your neck and all the different sections contrast so well.

I've already picked out a few combinations for my next Follow Your Arrow....

* I did knit a few other things - AzurineSpring Kerchief, DK socks and Cozy Bottle!

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