Friday, 23 May 2014

Stitch markers in action

A wee post showing our Fripperies & Bibelots stitch markers in action...

The Carthorpe mitts by Rachel Coopey uses two mirrored cable patterns with a thumb gusset between them.

For the uninitiated, closed ring stitch markers like the Fripperies & Bibleots' RingOs and Simply Solids, sit on your needle.  They are NOT attached to a stitch.

I used one pair of stitch markers to mark where I should be increasing for my thumb gusset, another pair to mark the first cable chart, and another pair to mark the second cable chart...

RingOs and simple solid stitch markers (and Karbonz needles!)

It means I don't have to count stitches and the markers tell me where I am in the pattern.

For example, when the first cable section should end and when I need to start the second cable section...

I still managed to get some of the cables wrong though!

See more ideas on how we use stitch markers (and more of our Fripperies & Bibelots collection) here!

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