Tuesday, 2 September 2014

a Vivacious Gilver

Vivacious 4ply is the newest addition to our 4ply range.  It is a 100% high twist merino yarn and comes in a beautiful range of hand dyed shades.  It offers great stitch definition and the high twist makes it hard wearing too.  And it is machine washable.  It costs £13.55 for 100g/365m hank.

Gilver by Jo Kelly - note the double 'frill' edge!
{photo credit - Jo Kelly}

Gilver is a shallow triangular shawl designed by Jo Kelly.  It is knitted mostly in squishy garter stitch with a picked up picot edge.  We have a Gilver in YarnPony's ShowPony in the shop and its very popular.  Both as a simple knit and as a wearable accessory.  It's a great pattern to show of a squishy merino and hand dyed yarns.

But it needs 400m of 4ply...

So...  How far would a hank of Vivacious go...  well, as it happens, quite far!

Gilver in Vivacious 4ply Tweed Imps

Whereas the original Gilver has a double edge, the Vivacious Gilver only has one edge

Check out the project page on Ravelry for how much yarn is used in each section...  I was left with only 4g of yarn after the picot cast off.

We think it still looks stunning... and it feels amazing too!

Yarn and pattern in the shop.