Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fliskmillan Fibres at The Woolly Brew

We're very excited to announce a new local yarn is in the shop...

Fliskmillan Fibres

Fliskmillan Fibers - 100% Romney Lambswool

Fliskmillan Farm is based in North East Fife, just outside Newburgh, on the south bank of the River Tay.

It's a 350 acre livestock farm, specialising in pedigree Highland Cattle and New Zealand Romney sheep.

overlooking the River Tay... we just need some Sheep now...
{photo credit - Fliskmillan Farm}

Their yarn comes from their small flock of New Zealand Romney sheep who graze the fields on Norman’s Law.


Ahh... that's better!
{photo credits - Fliskmillan Farm}

And we have the first batch of yarns from the farm's very first lambs!

The lambs were sheared in October with each lamb producing on average 2.5kg of raw fleece. The raw fleeces were then processed into hand-knitting yarns by the Natural Fibre Company.

Currently Fliskmillan Fibres are available in DK weight in 4 colours and an Aran weight in a classic cream.

Retailing at £6 per 50g, this yarn would make a very special garment but you can make beautiful and warm accessories too from just a few balls!

We were really impressed by this yarn - it feels wonderful.  It's soft but has substance and it knits up beautifully.  So far we have a hat (in Fiona's current favourite hat pattern) and we're also working on some hand warmers too.

We need a photo of someone wearing the hat!  Any volunteers?  It feels lovely!

But the yarn isn't just for accessories. Barbara from Fliskmillan has knitted some pretty impressive garments using her yarn.  More photos to come!

We have a small supply at the moment but we have a hotline to Barbara to get more and once we've done our BIG move around next week we'll have a permanent space for more!

You can follow Fliskmillan Farm on Facebook.

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