Monday, 24 July 2017

Crochet Along from Rowan

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Rowan's newest Crochet Along (CAL) features Felted Tweed DK.

The Crochet Along is released in 12 parts, with supporting videos and tips and tricks.

The end result is a blanket but you can take the individual parts and combine to make something else... a bag, a cushion, a scarf, or indeed stick them in a book as a sampler of stitches and techniques.

Rowan Felted Tweed is a gorgeous yarn and comes is a wide range of shades.

There are 12 shades used in the CAL:-

Bilberry 151, Peony 183, Ginger 154, Cumin 193, Rage 150, Watery 152, Barn Red 196, Stone 190, Carbon 159, Avocado 161, Boulder 195, Celadon 184

The ones in bold are the ones we stock!

The first part is released on 3rd August and then, depending on complexity (eek!), they are released weekly-ish until 16th November.

There is no 'sign up', no compulsion to finish and no need to use the colours suggested or even Felted Tweed!  But it is a great opportunity to develop your crochet skills, and if you want some accountability then share your progress with us!

If you already have a stash of Felted Tweed, please pop into the shop with your remnants and we can help you add to your stash.

Or if you want to start a new stash pile we have lots of shades in stock...

Remember you can use a different yarn, it's a great opportunity to experiment with different fibres, hooks and colours.

I'll be using Felted Tweed (it really does make a lovely crocheted fabric) and trying out as many of the stitches/squares as possible. I do not consider myself a crocheter, my tension is wonky, I'm never entirely sure which stitch to stick my hook into, and my edges do not stay straight...  but I'm giving it a go!

You can follow my progress on here, on Instagram and Facebook, I'll be using #rowancal on all my posts.

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