Thursday, 19 October 2017

New Opal 4ply Energy in the shop

The 7th Opal 4ply collection of 2017 has arrived... Energy.

There is still some Sunrise and Schafpate in the shop, but once they're gone they're gone!  

As usual 1 ball makes 1 pair of socks, or 2 pairs of short socks, or 2 short cowls. You could make 2 hats, or at least 2 pairs of small hand warmers, or several small gift bags or 20 small bunting flags!

100g will also give you a decent length of scarf/shawl or a jumper for a baby. Ideas for your odd bits can be found here on Pinterest. 

Or how about mixing it up with our solid colour Socks Yeah 4ply.

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