Thursday, 19 September 2019

Opal Schafpate XI in the shop!

Schafpate XI

Yet another Opal 4ply sock yarn has arrived!

Schafpate XI is Opal's annual collection in support of sheep farming in Germany.  You can read about it on their website.

This is our 8th Schafpate collection... our first was in 2012!

This is a classic wool/nylon blend sock yarn.  One 100g ball has lots of possibilities...
1 pair of socks, or 
2 pairs of short socks, or 
1 long or 2 short cowls. 
You could make 2 hats, or 
at least 2 pairs of small hand warmers, or 
several small gift bags or 
20 small bunting flags!   
100g will also give you a decent length of scarf/shawl or 
a jumper/cardigan for a baby.

Like most of the Opal sock yarn collections, this is limited in supply.  Once it is gone... it is gone.

However, the Hundertwassers range (released in June) is not a limited edition!  All eight shades of this highly patterned sock yarn are back in the shop.

Hundertwassers, 4ply sock yarn from Opal

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