Friday, 18 April 2014

new shop sample - in Debbie Bliss Juliet

available in sizes 32"- 42", takes 8-10 balls of Debbie Bliss Juliet

Another new addition to our sample collection, beautifully knitted by Karen - a cable neck top in Debbie Bliss Juliet.

Juliet is one of our brand new summer yarns and it's a cotton/acrylic blend.  It knits to a tweedy effect and has a fantastic pattern book...

Check out our other summer yarn, Louisa Harding's Noema here.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


In the shop!

Following the great success of Coop Knits Socks, Rachel Coopey's next book is all about accessories for you head, hands and neck...

Accessories can be great for a quick knitting fix.  They're also good for practising new stitches and techniques without the commitment of a larger project.

Rachel's new pattern collection features lots of  interesting stitch patterns - cables, a bit of lace and colourwork too.  There are large clear photos and colourwork charts are in colour!

Stitch patterns are written and charted (so you can develop your chart reading skills too).  And there are photo tutorials and internet links to some less 'common' techniques.

Only £12 in hard copy - and that includes a code for a free digital download!

Fiona is currently working on a pair of Carthorpe in Rowan 4ply...  A bit of a weekend impulse knit...

{photo credits: Coop Knits}

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Do you Like us on Facebook?

This is about Facebook.  You have been warned...

a wall of wool to make all this Facebook chat easier...

A while ago I noticed I didn't actually see any status updates from The Woolly Brew in my own personal newsfeed.

I obviously not only Like the page, but I also write status updates, post links and I'm a page admin!  Yet it didn't show up in my newsfeed.

After a bit of digging I discovered that because I was not interacting with the page as me, an individual, Facebook had decided that it wasn't important to me and thus it didn't show me when new things were added.  This is true for status updates (e.g. "Knitting group tonight!"), links (e.g. to this website or others) or photos (like those in our Gallery album).

If my friends interacted with these items - perhaps liked, commented or shared, then it seemed to be deemed more popular and it would pop up in my newsfeed.


I started liking and sharing status updates and links - which perhaps seemed a little narcissistic but it had to be done and it did help..

But if it was happening to me, then it could be happening to many of our other Facebook fans - who may only see a handful of our Facebook activities...

In the past weeks we've shared a photo sent by Karen Haggis on her trip to Peru.  We asked if you could donate some knitting needles for a project she is supporting there.  We also posted a link to a fantastic article by Yarn Harlot on blocking.  And another article on the affect different types of needles can have on your knitting.  Not to mention sharing our congratulations to the local and multiple award winning Ardross Farm Shop and details of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.


If you use Facebook and want to make sure that you see what we share there, then please consider doing this... Switching on Notifications...

on our page click the drop down arrow at Liked
select Get Notifications by clicking on it
Notifications are now on!

this will pop up to notify you when something new has been added.

Clicking the little globe, opens up your list of notifications...  

So now you will know when we post something new to our Facebook page...  rather than waiting for it to appear in your newsfeed.

If you like what you see then please Like it, comment on it or indeed share it with your own Friends & Family.  That is the really important bit.  It lets us know what you like to see and it makes Facebook think we're interesting!

Obviously this works with other Pages.  Please consider doing this for the other small business pages you Like on Facebook.  That way you are not missing out on their news as everyone's newsfeeds fill up with sponsored, paid for adverts.

But don't worry!  Facebook is not our only way of keeping you up to date with all our news.  We are (occasionally) on Twitter, very active on Pinterest, we have a group on Ravelry  and we send out a (mostly) monthly newsletter.  You can also check our website or indeed add our website feed to your favourite blog reader*... (which could be a whole other article...).

And of course you can always pop into the shop!

*if you're interested, I use Feedly.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Party Perfect

Featuring 5 little garments in Debbie Bliss Angel for 2 - 6 year olds.

and a bow!

Angel is a light as a feather mohair and silk blend... perfect for special occasions... but why wait for a party?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Follow Your Arrow... finally finished!

(Fiona) Like thousands of others I took part in Ysolda Teague's first mystery knit along - Follow Your Arrow.  A shawl pattern.  If you want to maintain the mystery please stop reading now.  This article has photos of the finished shawl!

The knit along started in January and a new clue was released every week for 5 weeks.

Within each clue you had a choice of 2 options (A or B).

There is a group on Ravelry with lots of in progress and finished photos of all the different combinations of clues.

I choose to do the following combination - ABBBB.  I also used two colours.

Whilst following the mystery knit along you have no idea what is coming next (unless of course you wait a few days and see the spoiler photos on Ravelry!).  So you've little idea how your shawl will turn out...  I based my decisions on how I was feeling at the time... So I did the simpler option for some clues and the more complicated option for others. I choose the 'kite' shaped clue to start with as I've never tried that before.

Ysolda offers lots of advice in the pattern and in the Ravelry group - with video tutorials for the more uncommon techniques).  There is also advice for yardage requirements (which I appeared to have ignored as I ran out of yarn!).  The stitch patterns are both written and charted.

You can still buy the pattern on Ravelry in its knit along format - so you can download each clue as you need to.

My finished shawl looks like this...

I LOVED the knit along format -  waiting for the new clue each Monday was exciting as well as watching for the 'spoiler' photos to appear on the Ravelry group.  I managed to complete each clue within the week, except for the last one which took me 4 weeks!*

This is the first large 4ply shawl I have made - and it is a size that I like alot.  I will definitely be making more shawls this size.

It is also the first 2 coloured shawl I have made, and I will try that again too.

I also liked the knitted on edging - my first time doing one, although it took me ages, and it felt never ending...

However, I'm less happy with my choice of yarn - the dark charcoal alpaca I choose from my stash is too hairy and I feel some of the stitch definition of that knitted on edge is lost.  It would have been better using black  Artesano Definition (like I used for the grey).

I'm also not sure of my combinations...  I wouldn't have chosen to knit this shawl if presented in its final form - I would have been more likely to knit the semi-circle shaped combinations.  It's abit too eclectic for my personal taste.

BUT having said that - I am so pleased I knitted it!  And with its large size you can easily tie it around your neck and all the different sections contrast so well.

I've already picked out a few combinations for my next Follow Your Arrow....

* I did knit a few other things - AzurineSpring Kerchief, DK socks and Cozy Bottle!

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