Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Debutant, Dabbler and Devotee...

Are you buying for a knitter or crocheter this year?

Check out our gift buying guide*

A Debutant - a beginner knitter or crocheter.  They need a lovely yarn, nice needles and a beginners project.  Perhaps a 'How To' book too!

1. Super chunky striping yarn... works up quickly and the exciting colour combos keeps you motivated!
2. A Learn to Knit book for when the internet's not (gasp!) available
3. Some beginner projects using Rico Melange Chunky - free patterns in shop!
4. A Learn to Crochet kit - all they need to learn the basics and make a handy cloth... comes with a handmade soap too!
5. Some gorgeous DK yarn - lots of colour combos and would make a great stash builder!
6. Notions... essential equipment... lots in the shop!

The Dabblers - they've got the basics and like to have a project when the notion takes them... likely a winter or holiday crafter... they maybe like to try something different with each new project.

1. Opal Sock Yarn!  4ply and 6ply weight in the shop... latest collection here and here!
2. Zauberball - a beautiful and colourful ball of yarn... lots of possibilities!
3. A hank of luxurious lace weight... Gleem is a wool/silk blend. Lace patterns in the shop too.
4. A book... Happit by Kate Davies... mix of shawl styles and difficulty
5. 3-Color Cashmere cowl - if you're very quick you can knit it as a gift... or give the yarn and needles instead!  Free shawl pattern in shop too!

The Devotees - they knit all the time... more than likely have multiple projects to suit their mood and location.  Some like to expand their skill set, others just like to do what they know and do it alot!

1. A book of sock patterns... and selection of Socks Yeah!
2. A book!  Lots of brand new books this year from influential designers!
3. For the lace knitters a pattern and 2 hanks of Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace will give hours of enjoyment!
4. Some gorgeous hanks of yarn - hand dyed Vivacious 4ply or Debbie Bliss Falkland Merino Aran.
5. Zauberball!  The universal yarn gift.

And for everyone - notions and gift vouchers!

1. Hand felted soap from Mella Handmade
2. A Woolly Brew gift voucher!
3. A Pom Pom Magazine - many issues in stock!
4. Doris & Hazel Project bag
5. An actual Pom Pom!
6. Notions - including popular no rinse wash, Eucalan

Oh!  And don't forget our special guest this festive season...
Rusty Ferret yarn in the shop 14th December - 14th January

*Disclaimer! This gift guide is not based on any formal research and is far from definitive!  It was in fact difficult to compile...  it really isn't possible to categorise knitter/crafters... we're all beginners really!  If in doubt talk your crafting friend, find out what they would like... or get them a voucher!

New Opal 4ply Lucky yarn in the shop.. it's got sparkle

squeezing in another new 4ply sock yarn before the year end...

The 8th Opal 4ply collection of 2017 has arrived... Lucky. And it has sparkle!

We've also topped up our Rainforest XIII supplies and there is still some Energy, Sunrise and Schafpate in the shop.

As usual 1 ball makes 1 pair of socks, or 2 pairs of short socks, or 2 short cowls. You could make 2 hats, or at least 2 pairs of small hand warmers, or several small gift bags or 20 small bunting flags!

100g will also give you a decent length of scarf/shawl or a jumper for a baby. Ideas for your odd bits can be found here on Pinterest. Or how about mixing it up with our solid colour Socks Yeah 4ply.

Don't forget we've got a thicker 6ply collection to... Wanderlust

Opal Wanderlust... a 6ply sock yarn has arrived!

Wanderlust is this year's 6ply sock yarn from Opal... perfect for a thicker (and quicker to knit) pair of socks and accessories.

1 big 150g ball will make one pair of adult socks!

This Thing of Paper by Karie Westermann in the shop

check out patterns on Ravelry

This Thing of Paper features 11 knitting patterns inspired by books!

Karie Westermann's first book is a knitting book that explores the connections between book and knitting... and urges you to knit!

Please check of Karie's website where you can learn more about this fabulous book, her design process and how it all came about as well as interviews with yarn makers too.

{photo credits David Fraser}

Monday, 4 December 2017

Old Maiden Aunt Trunk Show Saturday 3rd December


Lilith from Old Maiden Aunt will be at The Woolly Brew on Saturday 3rd December with a selection of her stunning hand dyed yarns.

Lilith is a Scottish dyer, based in West Kilbride.  Check out her website here.

It's been a while since we've had an Old Maiden Aunt trunk show, can't wait to see the results of her new dye technique!

Remember this is a ONE DAY trunk show.

OH!  and we have copies of Lilith's anniversary book in the shop NOW.